Mission Statement

The Veterans of War Aid Foundation (VOWAID) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization founded by U.S. Service Members, dedicated to assisting veterans, spouses and children of disabled veterans, and Fallen Heroes by providing opportunities for financial, emotional growth and self-empowerment.

Purpose Statement

We believe that charity should be a self-sustaining mechanism that gives back more than it takes. Here at the VOWAID Foundation, we feel you can accomplish your goals by adhering to three (3) primary aspirations: (1) Perseverance, (2) Personal Responsibility, and (3) through Community Engagement. Anything is possible and can be accomplished with a well-connected social enterprise, determination and sacrifice. Individuals must understand how important it is to get involved to support Men and Women Veterans, spouses, children of disabled Veterans and our Fallen Heroes by giving them the tools they need to survive after long years of War-fighting.

Organization Summary

The purpose of the Veterans of War Aid Foundation, is to provide and enhance Supportive Social Services and Mentoring/Counseling for military mothers, and families as well as for established and exiting Veterans. As VOWAID staff, volunteers, partners and Board of Directors help promote positive outcomes to improve civic amenities of military and civilian infrastructure services, by establishing better selected dispositions for Men and Women Veterans, spouses, children of disabled Veterans and our Fallen Heroes through centralizing their activities of essential services through a consortium of care.

Charity #3729691 EIN #: 47-2465494

Our Team

Nate Acevedo
Chief Executive Officer


Ticiane Ward
Founder and CFO


Lisa Hemmie
Chief Operating Officer


Liz Hensel
Public Affairs Liaison


Hunter Nunnery
Web Developer